Speakers Attending 2022

Wednesday 16th March

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Kim Spiers

Kim is a digital marketer and the one behind the Uncommon Folk Club - a members site dedicated to creative founders. She is passionate about providing a space for them to grow and scale their businesses on their own terms as well as enabling them to meet with like-minded people, who can share their creative support every step of the way.


The talk:  On the day Kim will be sharing her story from balancing her corporate job, to going part-time to launching the club. As well as discussing the ups, downs and multiple battles one may face when starting their own business. Not only this but Kim will be laying out How To beat imposter syndrome, How To keep consistent with your vision for yourself/business, How To grow your confidence and How To make the jump from one decision to the next. 

Jamie Shalson-Marshall

Jamie has a reputation for thinking outside of the box, and an ability to matchmake in business, which has led to many referrals and worldwide friendships. However, it hasn't been an easy ride to get to this point and through an entire 180 career change, Jamie went from working in the Tech Finance industry for 15 years recruiting for some top firms, to now being in Real Estate Acquisitions and loving every step of the way! 

The talk: Jamie is going to share his story with you from the last 20 years of his career. From recruitment to real estate, he will be able to show and tell you how you never have to feel as though you're going to be stuck in the same job forever. That's not all though because Jamie will also be providing you with his best tips, based on his own experience, on How To become resilient to rejection, How To gain people skills, How To change career path and How To create a growth mindset to help you build the courage you need to take on anything in your work life. 


Wednesday 13th April 



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