Speakers Attending 


Rahi Danehsmad 

Rahi launched clean energy drinks brand Virtue a few years ago, after a personal need for a genuinely healthy energy drink. Sold in over 30 countries, Virtue is on a mission to ‘share the power of clean energy with people everywhere’. The drinks are made with all natural ingredients, with zero sugar and zero calories. Yerba mate, the key natural energy source in one of the ranges, is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Each can sold donates to the conservation of rainforests.

The talk: Rahi will be discussing all things business, explaining the How To's of a company, from its concept to creation. The hardships and successes that an entrepreneur faces along the way and some top lessons he has learnt whilst building Virtue drinks. 

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Jess Salamanca

Jess is a founder-turned-coach. In 2019, after years of supporting businesses in her 9-5, she decided to take the plunge and launch her own start-up, healthy ice cream brand Banana Scoops! She spent the Summer selling her ice creams at events, creating the brand, sourcing manufacturers, and pitching to buyers. As well as this, she decided to turn her knowledge from starting the ice cream company into her second business, Moxie Club, where she coaches founders to bring clarity to their business and devise a strategy so they can meet their wildest dreams. She believes that coaching is all about taking your business to the next level.


The talk: Jess will be teaching her top tips to keep you accountable and motivated for you to take action in your business/your career. From social media, to branding to simple productivity tips, Jess is going to run your through the How Tos of strategies for your work life. 

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Josh Trevorrow 

Having always had a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle it made sense for Josh to become a Personal Trainer for Virgin Active over recent years. It was during his time here through working with clients 1:1 that Josh realised people want to be able to know not just how to get fitter physically through exercise, but also from a nutritional and mental aspect too. Taking this into consideration, Josh decided to take on creating his own platform that members can gain access to, to better their mental and physical wellbeing. Purvida is a holistic health platform for everyday mental health.

The talk: Not only will josh be discussing the benefits of breath-work and meditation, he will also be giving a live breath-work session to give you a glimpse into how working with him would be. The session is to ensure you leave feeling 100% refreshed and energised for the rest of your day. 

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Jessica Elizabeth

Jessica is a certified coach and NLP Practitioner, working with impact driven professionals to connect deeply within themselves and with others. She has transformed her own beliefs and experiences and given them a deep purpose, encouraging her clients to do the same. Based in London, Jessica is passionate about combating gender based violence and uses the profits from her business to support these causes. 

The talk:  On the day Jess will be sharing her top tools for communication skills that you can use in your relationships. She will be discussing the typical problems that tend to occur in relationships and How To navigate them in the best way possible, to ensure any relationships you have, be it romantic, friendships or at the work place, can begin to thrive.