You are more than your mind limits you to be.

“Sometimes opposites attract, for you to open, for you to grow.”

We often create ideas of what we think is the best for us, things that we think ‘fit’ with who we are - the perfect partner, the ideal home, the desired job...

But the funny thing is sometimes, in fact I’m realising more lately, that the exact opposite is often exactly what you need to grow - to expand. When you release the ideas of your Mind and listen to what you’re being guided to experience, it leads you towards your true path.

Our mind create so many limitations for who we are supposed to be. We are often not even consciously aware of them all. We create a character of the Self and when something comes to challenge it, we lock ourselves into this persona.

It Is difficult to shift out of this role as the Mind loves to categories to makes sense of the world. Even ourselves. But we must remember, we are more than the Mind. If we listen deep enough, we are often guided by instinct, a Higher Power or whatever you choose to call it, it is there, present with you every day.

'I cannot write.' Something that I rooted into my character.

And yet lately I have been feeling the beauty of words. A gentle whisper, allowing me to create what people are considering poetry. Poetry?! Even as I sit here writing this post, I am fighting against the thoughts in my Mind, yelling at me “you don’t write; you draw, paint. You are not supposed to write, what on Earth are you doing?”.

But something is guiding me to speak to you and use my words as well as my drawings. And no matter how much my Mind is protesting, I am actively choosing to do the opposite.

It is not easy. Trust me. I have grown so attached to the idea that I cannot write, it has been a long process of breaking through these restrictions I have set for my Self. For me to be here. A space where I am allowing my character to play with words and even having the courage to share them with others. It is terrifying but worth trying.

As you start to free yourself of what you thought was ‘right’ for you, your Mind will resist. There will be confusion. “This isn’t me... I’m supposed to do this... that person isn’t my ‘type’. But when you learn to quiet the Mind, and follow the deeper inner guidance, you will discover that there is much more for you to experience in this life. You will become close to people who you never imagined you could connect with, live in places you never considered and try things that begin to expand who you are.

When you don’t resist the things that don’t seem to “fit” this character you have created and accept that you are more than your Mind’s limitations -

you welcome a certain kind of magic into your journey of Self.

Illustrations & Words By Marina

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