As I was carrying out my journaling one morning, the words, “You cannot force what does not belong. What is meant for you will mean to stay.” came to mind.

I think so many times in life we can lose ourselves in relationships, in work or in situations beyond our control. Especially in relationships however, we for some reason find it so easy to chase. It’s having something so good that when it feels like it might be slipping away, we try as hard as we can to chase it and make it stay.

This doesn’t include when you’ve been in a serious, long term relationship and are facing a few bumps in the road and mean you should just jump ship without trying to work through them. I'm talking about the beginning stages of having met someone or dating someone that if you are having to fight for their attention and time or affection...that you need to stop fighting for it. Instead of speeding up to try chase them, slow down and check back in with yourself. Remember the life you had before you met them. Remember your passions and goals and dreams for the future.

I truly believe if something is meant to be, it will happen. If someone wants to be in your life they will make sure they are. There’s a real fascinating, liberating feeling when you wake up one day and feel so alive because you are living your life and can actually FEEL the universe working for you and not against you. When you start to live your own life... somehow these things you wanted are attracted to you! I’m not saying this wishfully, I’m saying this because it’s happened to me over the last year or so. When I decided to properly get my life back in check, when I decided to chase something I am passionate about. When I began to look after my health and fitness and felt good when I looked in the mirror instead of avoiding them, certain things started happening and certain people walked into my life. Now when that starts happening, something amazing happens. "What is it?" I hear you ask. I become more confident in myself. I enjoy my own company. I feel unstoppable. I believe in myself and chase my dreams!

I don't know how much you believe in the law of attraction and I am aware this topic is still quite taboo with people seeing it as "hippy dippy", "airy fairy" or any other informal adjective you can think of to describe it. However, throughout my life it has become more apparent, showing itself to me in different experiences throughout the years. Some may call this experience as 'vibrating on a higher frequency' (seriously google it). I am creating a certain energy that raises my vibrations and is why I attract things on a similar level as well. It's something I have come to terms with believing in, but to bring things back down to earth for people who aren't quite on board the "mambo jambo" train yet (yes I just thought of another one) - essentially what it means is "the vibe you give off is the vibe you get back."

So, go and work on yourself. Give love to yourself. Be confident in yourself. Believe in yourself. Wake up feeling grateful for another day on Earth. Feel excited about the days and weeks that lie ahead and actually envision yourself walking around with a huge smile on your face because you have achieved something you wanted. Somehow it will make you feel hopeful towards an unknown future rather than fearful.

Chase life and the rest will follow.



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