How To Embrace Single Life!

Georgie Parkin:

Whether you're single out of choice or the situation was unwillingly forced upon you, single life is definitely not all doom and gloom. If you are fresh out of a break up, you might not feel too pleased about your new single status, but there are so many reasons to embrace single life.

I've been living it up over here on the singles table for about 2 years now and I am truly having a great time. Give yourself some time to heal, then tick that ‘single’ box with pride and you will soon start loving your sorely missed independence. If you’re feeling a little scared about being single, or feel like you’ve been single for too long, below are 8 reminders on why the single life should be embraced with pride.

1. You can be completely selfish

The word selfish often has negative connotations and is normally used as an insult, but let me tell you, single life allows you to be selfish without the stigma! You have now made it to the top of your priority list. Congrats! No more putting someone else's needs above yours, no more compromising and no more sharing. For every decision you make, however big or small, your opinion is the only one that matters. Take the job in Timbuktu! Paint that living room wall pink! Finish that bottle of wine all on your own! Welcome to the era of YOU. 

2. You can pour all your love into friends and family 

Ok, I know I just told you that everything is all about you, but remember that family of yours and those friends…? Throw some love their way too. Being single means having so much more time to spend with them. Hopefully you’re not one of those people that retreats into a relationship bubble when they are coupled up and completely neglects your friends and family. If you are, now is your chance to make up for it. Even if you're not like that, you now have more time than ever to strengthen and enjoy the other important relationships in your life. 

So much of the love we experience in life is platonic and even unconditional love; the way we love our parents, our siblings and our best friends. It's a very different love to romantic love, but funnily enough the love we often give the least attention to, because it’s unconditional. We don't need to put in a ton of effort because we know our Mum will always be there and our friends will never turn their backs on us. But now is your chance to pour your whole heart into them. Fall in love with your friends all over again and make them your soulmates for a while. 

3. You can become the truest version of yourself 

When I was 15 I was in a relationship for 4 years, these were probably the most impressionable years of my young adult life. I sometimes wonder how different I would be if I was single all that time. When we are in a relationship we can be very strongly influenced by our other half. Even if you very much have your own life and your own interests, you can’t help but slightly mold into a new version of yourself. It’s by no means a bad thing and often the right person can bring out the best in us but, when you’re single, you have the chance to bring out the best in yourself. Who are you on your own? What do you like, dislike, what do you believe in and what makes you happy? It's time to be wonderfully, truely, uniquely you. 

4. The world is your playground 

A whole world of possibilities just opened up to you. You can flirt with whoever you want, kiss whoever you want and date whoever you want! Every night out has the potential to end however you desire. Go home with a guy’s number, a cheeky peck or maybe even take home a bedtime buddy! You can flirt with the hot guy in Starbucks, tell that cute guy at work that you like him, and go on endless dates! No more carbs and cuddles on a Friday night. Put on your little black dress and go get wined and dined with some good company.

5. You can completely disconnect 

It’s quite a refreshing feeling to be able to disconnect for a few hours or even days and know that no one is going to be messaging you non stop. Sure you chat to your Mum every now and then, and have multiple group chats buzzing away, but you no longer have that one person who you feel obliged to text all day, everyday. Your time is yours, so turn off your phone and run yourself a nice bubble bath to forget about the world for a while.

6. Focus on your career and life goals

This is the perfect time to get ahead in life. All your energy and time can be spent on getting where you want to be. Pour your heart and soul into work to finally get that promotion you have been after, or dedicate your time to that business idea you’ve had stored away for ages. Like I said, this is the era of YOU. Go be great. 

7. You know you’re not settling 

When you start to see single as a choice, and not an unfortunate circumstance, then your whole view of it will start to change. If you really wanted a boyfriend that badly then you could lower your standards a few notches, swipe a few times, and there you have it: a sub par, ‘he will do’ boyfriend. But that’s not what you really want. Use this time to figure out what it is you want and don’t settle for anything less. Being single is fun and exciting, don’t give this opportunity up for just anyone. 

8. You can find your own happiness 

There's so many things in life to be happy about. Being in a relationship isn't the only one. When a relationship ends, you can sometimes struggle to find your happiness. For a while it can feel like your ex was it. But it’s time to go get happiness back on your own, to build an amazing happy life completely on your own. Surround yourself with amazing friends and family, get a new hobby or revisit an old one, thrive at work, read more books and learn to enjoy your own company. 

Being single is not an unfortunate circumstance or a set back, it's an amazing opportunity and a choice. It’s your chance to choose you. It’s your chance to conquer the world solo and become the best version of yourself completely on your own. Then, when you do find your perfect match, (and you will) they will be the cherry on top, instead of the missing ingredient holding the cake together. 

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