Hitting the reset button on your life: Why it is okay and How To do it.

Firstly, take a breathe.

Realise it is okay if you feel like you're in a bit of a slump at the moment. Take it as a sign you are yearning for more and wanting to grow, which is a good thing.

It means you are becoming frustrated with how things may be staying the same. This is okay! This is you realising your capabilities. So (as I always say) change the narrative. When you feel low, tell yourself it just means you are looking for a new path to take which is exciting and that you are NOT stuck.

Now follow the next few steps you can take and questions you can ask yourself to gain CLARITY on what it is you want.

Clarity is important because it gives us direction. Then once we have direction, we can do things with conviction and with conviction comes change and with change comes results!

So let's begin...


Ask yourself what it is about now that you want to keep, yet stands in the way of what you want. For example, you may want to find a new job but your lack of actually setting aside 1 hour a day to send out your CV is what is stopping you... not that lack of replies from 5 emails you have sent to companies.

So this is why you have to focus on your BIG VISION. If you envision what you want - in this case your job- think what would be your favourite job and start imagining how it would feel? How would your life look? Then harness that image and find the motivation to do more of what will get you there.


Be realistic. Focus on babysteps rather than one giant leap and hoping the changes stick. We have to implement new habits and behaviours overtime for them to become part of the new routine. It's all well and fine going to the gym everyday 3 days in a row with your new found motivation... but doing this can easily exhaust ourselves and suddenly we are back to hating the thought of getting our butts to exercise.

Instead... slowly and steadily build up towards your new goal. Taking the gym example further - Try and go every every 2 days. Enough that the momentum stays but not too much that you become tired quickly.


Repeat. Similar to the previous action, as much as you have to take baby steps, you need to repeat on regular basis. Give yourself a minimum of 3-4 weeks to let the new habit/behaviour set in.

You will feel resistance but that is normal when starting to step out of our comfort zones. You will probably want to give up but that's the PRIME opportunity to prove to yourself you have it in you to keep going and make the changes you want to. Then, when you do keep going (because you are totally capable of it!) you will train yourself to believe that when things get tough, it doesn't phase you.

This is when your shift in mindset is developing. Embrace it!


Remind yourself that you can always be learning. Even in our down days, we have the chance to look into our mood and get curious as to why we feel this way? What can you do that lifts your mood? What brings you total happiness? What can you focus on in your days that makes you feel positive? What can you be grateful that you have RIGHT NOW? Why does X behaviour from someone make you mad?

Once you understand what triggers you and why it happens, you become so self aware that certain situations become easier to navigate and that's how you learn what needs to be reset. That's the point we can gain more clarity on our own emotions and reactions.


Get curious and use your network. One of the best things we can do to learn, is through listening to and speaking with others.

They are your "expanders". The people who have already achieved what you would like, get curious and go ask them how they did it. If you don't have access to these people, then find them! Go online and search for articles, watch videos on youtube, listen to podcasts.

Whatever it is just start looking for the lessons in other people who can help show you the way and prove to you it can be done. It helps with inspiration and motivation to find what you want to change and make the change happen! You will feel less lost and more on track towards getting what you want and resetting your life!

Now, grab a notebook and start writing down all of the answers to these questions as well as letting yourself get into a flow state of writing what comes to mind in general.

Don't be scared to THINK BIG.

Don't feel bad for wanting to hit

reset and make changes to

your life.

Don't feel pressure to DO IT NOW... ease into the transition and enjoy the ride.

It is all part of the process.



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