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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Throughout my late teen to early twenties, I attended numerous talks, listened to podcasts and watched videos all about what people do, when they do them, but realised that not many people tell you HOW to do them. It was through my own frustrations and the lack of being told ‘How’, that I decided to begin my own set of talks for young men and women who are striving for that 'little bit more' in their lives and created The How To Club.

Fast forward one year and The How To Club has now become True To Being. We still have the same values, the same purpose and mission, but just a couple of things have evolved. So let me explain...

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The Story



I took it one step at a time and found different material to learn from. I researched what books to read, I found new podcasts and videos online to feed me more information about how people become well and truly successful in all aspects of their life. About two weeks in, I was in my car, listening to a podcast by Robin Sharma and discovered The 5am Club. Essentially it tells you that your life is made up of your habits and for a behaviour to become automatic it takes 66 days. He proceeds to explain by waking up at 5am you get a competitive advantage to the rest of the world. The average working day begins for someone at 6am. If your alarm clock goes off an entire hour before this, it means you have an extra hour to expand your knowledge in the following 4 sets: your Mindset, Healthset, Heartset and Soulset. To work on these things for that hour, you should exercise your body, meditate, read and journal as they contribute to these sets. So I decided to take on this challenge! 66 days, wake up at 5am. Yes it is early but I thought, this is it! THIS is why certain people become successful and others don't. It's because when the going gets tough, the tough get going and the ones who aren't truly dedicated give up at the first sign of REAL effort. 


One month in, it was the middle of summer and I was already experiencing a change in the way I felt. I created a chart so I could cross off each day and feel a small win every time I did it to keep myself motivated. I cycled for 15 minutes, read for 15 minutes, journaled for 15 and meditated for 15 minutes. Now this is when the next 'Aha' moment occurred. One of the books I was reading (The Compound Effect) made a point that hit me so hard and was the first catalyst for my full steam ahead transformation. He touches on the fact that when we make goals, we ask ourselves "what do I have to do?" rather than "who do I need to become?" That 'Success is something you attract by the person you become". The author then refers to the time he was single and wanted to find his life long mate and began listing traits he desired in the perfect woman for him. From personality, character, physical appearance, values right through to what their life would be like together. He then looks back at these traits and asked himself if he had any of the above? Who did he need to become to attract a woman of this make-up?  I thought THAT was it! 


The words slapped me across the face and I realised: How can you expect to find someone who is x, y and z, if YOU aren't x, y and z?! So that night I got out my journal and wrote down all the traits I find most important and desirable in someone I would want as a life long partner in crime. Honest, kind, hard working, looks after their health, the list went on. Then I went over it and compared myself to all of these traits. Ticking off the ones I had and making note of the ones I didn't or the ones I definitely could improve on. It was brilliant. I had something to work off. I now realised I needed to be these things, in order to ATTRACT these things. So what did I do? I got myself in the mindset of a successful person, of someone who cared about their health, who lived within integrity. Everything I had listed, I started to work on to make myself become a better, all rounded person in all aspects of my life, not just relationships.  

Another month into this and I was beginning to feel even more of a change. In fact now I was witnessing changes. I finally started losing the weight I had gained from emotional eating through my job and break up. I managed to find a new job that actually ticked a lot of the boxes I was looking for, I began meeting new people who I was learning from and I even experienced exciting romantic encounters. It amazed me that it all came from one HUGE shift... getting in the right mindset!


After attending an event, as part of my research and new found way of grabbing life by the horns, I realised that this event lacked quite a lot of things. On the tube home, I started envisioning myself doing a talk like it. I felt like I could do it better. Once I got home, I instantly got out my journal and started writing down all the things the event needed more of. It needed more motivation, inspiration, energy, even down to there being more refreshments! I had to ask one of the girls who worked at the venue where I could get a glass of water. There was one other thing I realised it lacked. All of the people talking told us the whats, the whys, the whens, but never dug into the hows

So I started thinking... what did I need more of when I began this entire journey of developing myself? It occurred to me that it was not only the hows and getting in the right mindset but I also would have loved a platform I could go to that had a community of like minded people, all in one place.  Somewhere that was easily accessible online where I could get motivated, be inspired, have people to bounce ideas around with, to learn from and feel empowered by. Not only this, but I wanted somewhere to go that I could learn from people who had the knowledge I was looking for which I felt I couldn't find for young adults.  Especially as half of the clubs, retreats and associations I was discovering were either far too expensive, women or male only, or were for older generations. Most of all I wanted to share all of these lessons I was learning that helped me go from feeling like my life was falling apart... to getting it back on track and better than ever! 


And so, The How To Club was born. 


A year on and I am still learning so much about life that I want to share with others. One fine day after finishing a workout, I felt the club needed a little bit of a transformation itself. (If there's one thing to learn right now, it's that life is always evolving and we must evolve with it.) In this current world we live in, things change everyday. As I am evolving myself (which some may call maturing), I'm really becoming aware of what matters. I'm aware of the things we should spend time on and the things we really don't need to give a seconds attention to. I've realised throughout my journey so far that I feel best when I feel free and True To Being ME. I'm tracing back to the care-free me in my younger years who had a real love for life and it is this love and passion that I want to ignite within you all. 


True To Being's values are still to Trust, Encourage and Love: I believe that without trust we have no loyalty and without loyalty there is no real growth. Without encouragement, we have no hope and without hope there is no life of tomorrow. Finally, without love we have no light and with no light we will live in a world of darkness never seeing the beauty that's around us. 


I've always loved the idea of helping others and have a knack for bringing people together. So it felt right to create a club that was accessible, affordable and motivational for young men and women to join. 

If you have stayed with me throughout this story then I want to say thank you. I also want to invite you to join me and everyone else on this journey to becoming our true selves. Whether you want to create a healthier lifestyle, gain confidence to start your own business or go into your next relationship with more of an open heart, forgiving the wounds of the past and finding a real connection with someone, then something here will be for you. 


 I want you to know that you are not alone and if you are the only person I help transform and enable you to feel free and True To Being YOU, then you will confirm why I began the club in the first place. 


The next step is up to you. 



Over the last two years I have been on my own self development journey as I finally reached a point in my life where I thought, enough is enough. I knew I had a burning desire to do more, achieve more, learn more and explore more but I had never TRULY taken action to do it, to make the change. So I quit my job, had a long chat with my brother (who needs a medal for listening to all my vents over the years), took a long hard look in the mirror and asked myself who did I want to be? 

The final catalyst

Present Day