Past Events & Speakers  

Sunday 8th March 2020- Soho Square 

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Mellissa Laycy: Hollistic Health Coach

Mellissa is an integrative nutrition health coach and chef. Her keen desire to help others through nutrition began with her own health issues where she suffered for a number of years with anxiety, depression, weight issues, and a very poor immune system. It was through nourishing and rehabilitating her own gut that she managed to align her mind and body to a level she never thought possible. 

On the day: Mellissa explained How To have a healthy gut in order for you to gain the best nutrition for your body and mind. She listed the right foods to eat, such as fermented kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut, that help with your guts' digestion and microbiome. 

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Chris Pinner - Creator of Innerfit  

Chris kicked off his career at a US investment bank and then a strategy consultancy firm whose projects regularly demanded working weekends, 12+ days and the odd 36 hour shift! Realising this was no way to live, he worked his way to becoming a level 3 personal trainer and now specialises in sharing practical tips to help people feel and work well to help boost performance with your well being. 

On the day: Although normally aimed at companies, Chris tailored his talk especially for us at The How To Club to share his knowledge on the best exercises for your physical and mental health. He shared his top tips on How To reduce your stress levels and look after your well being.

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Fiona Lamb - Hypnotherapist  

Fiona is a critically acclaimed advanced hypnotherapist, speaker and creator of Mind Detox app. Fiona helps people to facilitate fundamental shifts on an unconscious level to bring about long lasting changes. Having personally overcome anxiety using a variety of techniques and proven methods, Fiona’s own experience has led her to want to help more people overcome their troubles so they can live their lives without unwanted thoughts and behaviours. 


On the day: Fiona dived right into explaining How To meditate and why it is so important for your mind. She showed us the Level of Consciousness scale that explains why meditating helps take us from the feeling of fear to love, as no person can feel both these emotions at the same time. Once you let yourself into that relaxed state and achieve mind over matter, you will longer feel held back by any worries from the past and can look only into the future!

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